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Death Wish coffee

Okay, I bought into the hype of their Super Bowl commercial. Let’s face it, that event is highlighted by beer and soda makers, not coffee makers. So it HAD to be good, right? And they claim to be the World’s Strongest Coffee. And hey, I love coffee, so I was curious.

I ordered their KCup kit from their website. It came with both the Death Wish coffee and their Valhalla blend. Both are STRONG. The Death Wish was as advertised. It has a bold flavor that resembles Starbucks, but without the burnt taste. Rather, Death Wish has almost a Guinness-like undertone. I flavored it up with French Vanilla creamer and that was a nice flavor compliment to this bold coffee.

The Valhalla blend was also strong. It had a different flavor than the Death Wish (less chocolatey and more fruity), but I enjoyed it equally. For die-hard bold coffee lovers, Death Wish is a hit. For those who are less adventurous, the Valhalla blend is more their speed.


I do plan to order some Death Wish for my Ninja coffee maker so I can customize it further. Will report on that adventure in the future.

Death Wish definitely was a great adventure for The Perk Life.

–Reviewed by Jimmy Dinsmore

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